Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ HX6921/04 Electric Toothbrush

By | October 8, 2017

Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ HX6921/04 Reviews

Getting whiter teeth and healthier gum to brighten up any day is possible when brushed with Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ HX6921/04 Electric Toothbrush that’s designed to offer superior cleaning for better oral hygiene.

This high-quality electric toothbrush from Philips Sonicare comes with angled (to reach back of teeth better) ProBrush contoured brush heads (Standard for thorough cleaning and Compact for precision caring) incorporating Sonic technology to deliver 31,000 brush strokes per minute to drive fluids deep to reach difficult areas such as in-between teeth and 4 mm below gum line to remove plaque and together with extra-wide sweeping motion, it makes for a thorough and effective brushing experience for a cleaner, fresher as well as whiter mouth.

What’s great about the Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ HX6921/04 is that it comes with professional 2-minute Smartimer (for optimal brushing time as recommended by dentists) with Programmable Quadpacer (30-seconds interval timer for each quadrant of the mouth) for the right balance of time for every quadrants and for added customization, comes with 5 brushing modes of a) Clean for thorough brushing experience b) Gum Care to clean along gum line for improved gum health c) Massage to stimulate gum d) Refresh for a truly refreshing brushing feeling and e) Sensitive meant for people with sensitive gum hence you’ll definitely get the result you’ve been expecting every time.

For added convenience, the Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ HX6921/04 features easy-start program to help you get used to the Sonicare experience, slim ergonomic handle with rubber grip for comfortable handling as well as battery indicator to let you know power level.



5 Brushing Modes

a) Clean: Offers 2 minutes of brushing time to deliver exceptional cleaning performance for fresher & whiter teeth.
b) Gum Care: Offers 2 minutes of brushing time with an additional 1 minute to massage gums gently for improved gum health in about 2 weeks.
c) Massage: Offers invigorating massage to stimulate the gums for better gum health.
d) Refresh: Offers 60 seconds brushing time for quick touch-up after light eating or drinking.
e) Sensitive: Offers gentle & slower brushing speed to clean sensitive gum & teeth thoroughly without bleeding or inflammation to help prevent gum recession.

Angled ProResults Brush Head Neck

It comes with an angled ProResults brush head neck to make it easy for you to reach the back teeth without any problem at all for 83% plaque removal in hard-to-reach areas inside the mouth.

Easy-Start Program

It features Easy-Start program that increases power gently when using it for the first 14 times so as to help you acclimatize or get used to using an electric toothbrush.

Quadpacer & Smartimer

It features Quadpacer, an interval timer that beeps after 30 seconds to signal you to move on to the next quadrant to encourage thorough brushing of your whole mouth. It also features Smartimer, a 2-minute timer that makes it possible for you to achieve the 2 minutes of brushing time as recommended by dentists for better oral care health.

Rechargeable Battery

It comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 84 minutes (or 3 weeks) of brushing time on a full charge.

Sonic Technology

It features Sonic technology incorporating dynamic cleaning action that delivers up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute to drive fluids along the gum line and deep between your teeth so as to remove up to 2x more plaque (as compared to a manual toothbrush) for healthier gum & whiter teeth.

Traveling Convenience

It comes with a travelling kits comprising of brush head storage (to store brush head after use), deluxe charger (with cord wrap for tidiness after use), hygienic travel cap and travel case to make it easy for you to bring it along for all your travels.



a) It comes with 5 brushing modes to ensure gum & teeth can be cleaned thoroughly.


a) It comes with just 1 brush head hence may need to buy an extra one if it wears out over time.

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