Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush

By | October 8, 2017

Oral-B Pro 5000 Reviews

Having healthy gum and beautiful teeth that you’re proud to smile around takes little effort to achieve and maintain if you use the Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush that’s built for pure performance for utmost satisfaction.

This best rated electric toothbrush from Oral-B features dentist-inspired Floss Action brush head (designed professionally to surround each tooth for efficient deep cleaning in-between teeth) with Indicator bristles (that fade halfway to indicate replacement) that send out 40K in-and-out pulsations per minute for plaque loosening as well as 8.8K side-to-side oscillations to sweep it away hence making teeth cleaner and gum healthier.

What’s superb about the Oral-B Pro 5000 is that it incorporates innovative Wireless SmartGuide to guide you (in real-time) on good brushing technique, Visual Pressure Sensor Alert to indicate correct pressure application and professional timer (with quadrant prompt) to let you achieve the required brushing time of 2 minutes or 30 seconds per quadrant so as to get the best out of brushing for better oral health and for individualized brushing, it comes with 5 cleaning modes of a) Daily Clean for superior teeth cleaning b) Deep Clean for the ultimate in plaque removal in hard-to-reach places c) Massage for gum stimulation d) Sensitive for gentle and thorough brushing specially suited for sensitive gum and e) Whitening in conjunction with Pro White brush head and special polishing cup for outstanding whitening in just 21 days.

For added convenience, the Oral-B Pro 5000 comes with easy-to-read LED handle displaying charge level so you’ll know when to charge as well as waterproof ergonomic handle for excellent balance and control.



5 Customized Brushing Modes

a) Daily Clean: Offers 2-minute brushing time incorporating 3D movement to deliver comprehensive everyday cleaning.
b) Deep Clean: Offers extended brushing time to clean every single location in the mouth thoroughly for fresher breath after each use.
c) Gum Care: Offers light massaging & stimulation to the gums to promote a healthy mouth and healthier gums in just 30 days.
d) Sensitive: Offers lower brushing speed to clean gums & teeth (without putting too much pressure) hence suitable for sensitive mouth.
e) Whitening: Offers alternating brushing speeds to polish away stains from the teeth gently for whiter results in just 2 weeks.

Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity

It features cutting-edge Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that links it with your smartphone (via the Oral-B app) so as to obtain real-time feedback that enables data sharing of your brushing progress with your dentist, monitors your brushing habits as well as tailors your brushing routine to follow your dental care journeys.

a) Dental Care Journey: Enables you to tailor your brushing routine to meet the needs of your ever changing oral health goals. It allows you to choose different dental care journeys such as fresher breath for next week’s gathering with your friends or whiter teeth for next month’s meeting with your clients.
b) Focused Care: Alerts you to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth for thorough brushing each time, monitors your brushing habits with intuitive charts & graphs for better brushing experience as well as reminds you to replace your brush head when it’s worn out to achieve optimal cleaning performance.
c) Pressure Sensor: Enables you to monitor your brushing pressure and at the same time alerts you when you are applying too much pressure (that will damage the gums & teeth).
d) Professional Guidance: Lets you share your brushing progress (up to 6 months data) with your dental professional so that he/she can provide specific guidelines, instructions and/or recommendations to devise a customized brushing routine that will help you in your oral health care.

Brush Head Compatibility

It is compatible with all Oral-B 3DWhite, CrossAction, Dual Clean, Floss Action, Ortho, Power Tip, Precision Clean, Sensitive and TriZone brush heads to meet all your customized brushing needs for comfortable brushing experience that will yield cleaner teeth & healthier gums.

Floss Action Brush Head

It features dentist-inspired, specially-designed Floss Action round brush head (to completely cover each tooth) incorporating MicroPulse bristles (that’s angled perfectly at 16 degrees) to deliver outstanding 3D cleaning action (i.e. oscillations, rotations and pulsations) so as to offer precise cleaning in-between teeth to loosen & eventually remove 100% more hardened dental plaque on teeth and along the gum line (versus a regular manual toothbrush).


It features SmartGuide, an integrated 2-minute timer to help you get (each time without fail) 2 minutes of brushing time as recommended by dentists so as to achieve healthy gums & sparkling clean teeth.

Visible Triple Pressure Sensor

It features advanced Triple Pressure Sensor that lights up (while at the same time stops pulsations so as to safeguard the gums from bleeding) to alert you that you are using too much pressure brushing your gums & teeth (which may damage them in the process) and hence need to ease up a bit.



a) As it comes with 5 customized brushing modes, there is no doubt that your teeth will look great with frequent use.


a) May not be suitable for kids.

b) May need to replace the electric toothbrush after 3 months of use due to wear.

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